The Jaguar Gomm

1950s Sports Racing Jaguar Bodied By Maurice Gomm

A Sports Racing Car for Road, Race & Rally

An opportunity to own a unique Sports Racing Car – the Jaguar Gomm. As with the truly great British Sports Racing Cars of the 1950s, the Jaguar Gomm is derived from a Jaguar sports car. The body is by Maurice Gomm, a craftsman once described by Motor Sport magazine as ‘the Emperor of the trade’; Gomm created bodies for the Vanwall racing cars, the Lister, Tojeiro, and Lola marques, along with many others.

The Jaguar Gomm is a gateway to many of the great European events, having already proven itself in 2017 by racing at the Silverstone Historic Festival, in Italy on the Modena Cento Ore, and the prestigious Royal Concours Rally of Wessex.

European event support also available.

Pendine holds briefs from a number of its clients to secure certain cars for their collections. Prospective buyers of the Jaguar Gomm who also have a car to sell are therefore encouraged to contact us.