2012 Morgan Three Wheeler

The new Morgan 3 wheeler is, without question, one of the most enjoyable motoring experiences available today. With their punchy 80 hp, 2 Litre S&S V Twin engine (they’re the American team behind a lot of Harley Davidson engines), Mazda 5 speed gearbox, disc brakes and curious position of the driven rear wheel, they are a tremendous little road car. There are a lot of Vintage car enthusiasts here at Bicester Heritage, and every single one of them have stepped out of this car with a huge grin on their face.

This is a one owner from new example, delivered in May 2012. Many of the extras boxes were ticked, including the bright pack (including lots of extra chrome), RAF livery, mohair tonneau and Starcom1 Intercom System. It has full service history and, with less than 2,500 miles cosseted miles from new in the South of France, it is as though it has only just left the factory.

Their terrific throttle response, bantam power-to-weight ratio, skinny tyres combined with modern build quality and production engineering standards really do make these 3 wheelers an automobile that every enthusiast must own at some point in their lives.