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1964 Crossle 5S

A Highly Eligible, V8 Engined Sport Racing Car

Founded just a few months after LOLA, Crossle – one of the longest surviving manufacturers dedicated to the production of racing cars – was for a while the champion of Irish motor sport. Founded by John Crossle, it grew and developed from one man to a skilled and ambitious team at its Ulster base. Starting with the 1S in 1956, the first single seater appeared in 1960. Over the next decade, Crossle built small numbers of racing cars for a variety of formula’s. All the Crossle Sports Racing Cars were designed and built to accommodate various engine and gearbox combinations, depending on the requirements of the owner.

Chassis C5-S64-13 was ordered new by Brian Nelson, and supplied with a Daimler SP250 V8 linked to a Jack Knight gearbox. Brian Nelson, who is remembered as one of Ireland’s top drivers in Formula Two and International rallying, competed in C5-S64-13 throughout the 1964 & 1965 seasons including Phoenix Park, Bishops Court and Kirkstown.

Over the winter of 1964/65, it was modified to accept the wider bodywork introduced by the factory for the 7S model, but continued to compete through the 1965 season with the V8. In 1966, in line with other cars being developed by the factory, it became a 9S with a 2 Litre BMW engine.

In 1970 this Sports Prototype moved to America where it continued to race extensively, the Crossle Motor Company keeping in close contact with all the owners. When the car returned to them in the mid 2000’s for restoration, they could confirm the history of the car, noting that it had even kept its original suspension setup!

The extensive history files show correspondence with the factory from very early in its life, as well as press cutting and extensive bills. Recently maintained by R. M Wilson Engineering, this is a ‘turn key’ Sports Prototype racer, ready for the 2017 season. Now restored back to its original 1965 specification, it has regularly competed in the Whitson and Surtees Trophy’s at Goodwood as well as the Guards Trophy and Sports Car Masters.

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