1962 Jaguar E-Type Series I Roadster

Surely the most original, usable 3.8 Roadster in the world.

This is an exceptional E-Type. We’ll stick our neck out, and say it’s the most original usable 3.8 Roadster in the world.

It was owned by one family until 2016. Frank Blair ordered it from Jaguar Cars in New York, and on the 13th December 1962, the Roadster left the factory for its voyage to New York, where it was registered to Mr Blair on 16th April 1963. He always warmed the car up before taking it out, he never drove it in the rain.  In 1982, Mr Frank Blair passed his precious, much loved E-Type to his son, Dennis Blair, who continued to maintain and uphold its outstanding condition. The odometer shows only 42,000 miles, all of which were in the hands of the Blair family. It was kept in a dehumidified garage for most of its life.

All of the original documentation has been preserved in exceptional condition and presented in its original wallet, including an invoice which shows the additional options that were added at the time of ordering; seat belts, fan belt and wing mirrors, all of which are present and correct. Extraordinarily, the wallet also includes the original Bill of sale, Temporary Certificate of Registration, Jaguar Periodic Maintenance Vouchers, Manufacturer’s Warranty, Jaguar Overseas Distributor and Dealers booklet, the Operating, Maintenance and Service handbook and the Maintenance chart. They are all as though they were issued yesterday.

Furthermore, the original keys as indicated by their serial numbers on the Bill of Sale are in perfect condition and of full working order. The original Toolkit and Jack along with the Tonneau are present and displaying authentic patina. The body number, hand written in the factory, is still clearly visible on the fire wall. The engine has categorically never been out of the car.

The internal trim is 100% original. It has been externally painted once, and has had a new hood at some point. Other than that, it is only serviceable items that are not factory finish and original.

A true ‘time warp’ car that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

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