1962 Jaguar E-Type Fixed Head Coupé

Competition prepared from new and registered by the factory with works style registration

This is a really interesting E-Type. We spend a lot of time sifting through the mediocre – and there are a lot of mediocre E-Type’s out there. It’s very hard indeed to find an original Right Hand Drive example that hasn’t been messed with, has an interesting tale to tell and is matching numbers. In this car, we have found that.

It was ordered new by a very wealthy 28 year old New York lady called Sarah Brown who lived at 7 Gracie Square, New York . We think she was an heiress to the American Express empire. She bought the car for her then boyfriend, George W Burgess Jr. The story goes that E-Types were in such high demand in the US, all the LHD’s were spoken for. But if you bought in the UK you could jump the queue and buy a RHD. This is why it’s classed as a Personal Export Delivery, and currently has its original WK number on it.

It seems as though he wanted to do some competition with the E-Type, and it arrived with Outside Laced Competition Wires which are still with the car (but not fitted). The roll-hop looks period too (judging by the welds), along with the mirrors, bonnet-straps etc. It even comes with an original  Competition Parts Manual.

He entered, but seemingly didn’t compete in, SCCA Virginia and then Burgess either tired of the car or his girlfriend, and the E was sold to another New Yorker, Mark Gouven. About 12 years ago, the previous US owner’s mechanic purchased the car, so it’s had around 5 owners, including the current one.

It has been repainted externally at some time. Internal paint, under the bonnet, subframes, picture frames etc are all original paint. There are some darker red spots on the paint. It looks as though someone has touched it in with slightly darker red.

Paperwork is lovely including the Original Warranty Card, Bill of sales etc – all very rare stuff. Mileage of 40,000 probably original, although we can’t back it up. General originality & condition suggest it’s right. Small details, such as the bad welds under the rear number plate lip and the fact the picture-frame number stamping was done after the frame was painted, are both often-lost original features and point to a largely untouched car.

We really like this car. It probably needs a little service work, but fundamentally this is a cracking E-Type and very hard to replicate.

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