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1935 Bentley 3.5 Litre

Unquestionably one of the best driving Derby Bentleys you’ll ever enjoy.

What an exceptional example of the Derby Bentley this is. Bodied by Vanden Plas, chassis B 128 EF lay untouched between 1961 and when it was unearthed in 2015. Living in New Jersey, the long term owner, Elwood Walker, put the car into storage with a frost damaged head in 1961 with a recorded mileage of around 40,000. It wasn’t until his passing in 2015 that his estate decided to part with the car.

Repatriated back into the UK that year, it became immediately apparent that this was a Derby that was almost completely undisturbed, escaping the curse of restoration. The original leather was still in place, the body never having been off the chassis. The British owner set about preserving the car, whilst undertaking a full mechanical restoration.

This included a brand new block, head and camshaft, all supplied by Fiennes Engineering (original block and head retained). The engine was thus fully rebuilt, whilst an overdrive was also fitted for long distance motoring. The mechanicals were gone through stern to stem, with drivability and safety at the fore.

The invoices collate to over £60,000 for this recommissioning, and around 500 miles of shakedown miles have been undertaken. Unquestionably one of the best driving Derby Bentleys you’ll ever enjoy, coupled with an unusually high level of originality and patina.

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